Friday, 25 September 2009

Campaign (again)

Campaign gets stolen from us every week. Every week.

We buy in all these magazines so that everyone can have access to them without having to get individual subscriptions for each person (which would obviously cost a fortune), but the system breaks down if you nick stuff and don't bring it back because it means no-one else can see whatever it is you've pinched. It's selfish. So, two things:

1) Remember that if you're borrowing something you need to sign it out in the folder, and bring it back at some point too.

2) We won't be keeping Campaign on the magazine racks any more, it'll be in a secret place. You'll need to ask us for it. Sorry to be draconian, but this is what happens when you betray us. We have feelings too. Imagine a cute fluffy little bunny being repeatedly kicked in the face by Russell Crowe. That's what you're doing to us.

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