Friday, 25 September 2009



I've already briefed *** on this as it's an issue of great confidentiality due to massive ramifications and repurcussions.

I think I've invented the Ultimate Mangler......what I would call the 'Flux Mangler Plus'

It combines the outright ball-removing efficiency of the Mangler Plus with the 'pause/rewind' functionality of the Flux Mangler.

Imagine kicking someone's balls clean off, no hard that they fly for AT LEAST 150 metres.........and then rewinding them back at high speed so that they cause even further trauma! You could actually repeatedly watch someone's balls smashing in and out of them.

I'd imagine the US Army will be interested. Keep it under your hat or, as it's a foot-based device, firmly within a thick sock or a slip-on loafer.


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