Thursday, 1 October 2009

An email from some mice, apparently

we know what you're going to do.

but before you do it, just know we'll be bloody ready for you.

like dad's army were ready.

like churchill was ready.

like at the end of the third series of lost when they were prepared for the others.

like the french resistance were ready (sort of).

like greece were ready for portugal.

like noah and his ark were ready.

like the trojans weren't ready for the argives.

we ARE this place. kill us and you've killed the soul of the building. we know everything that goes on here.

we see ****** playing with his whoopie cushion.

we know the only reason you want the ******** account is for the free mousetraps.

we see the naughty couples touching each other in the special room behind the ******** ***.

we saw ****** perming ********'s hair with her hot fingers.

it was our bloody idea to shoot that ad on a ****** *****.

we see who nicks ***'s mags (it's ******** by the way)

we're now going to get really bloody drunk until friday, and also mash up some glass, cover ourselves in glue, roll around in the glass, then jump all over you.

you were warned. eek off.

1 comment:

  1. Time for some strategically-placed mousetraps I think...