Friday, 2 October 2009


Dear All

I'm sure loads of you saw the hysterical headlines trumpeting that the 'Internet has overtaken TV as the Biggest Advertising Sector'.

Of course, the reality is somewhat different. This is explained extremely well in this blog post from, unsurprisingly, the Head of the organisation that markets TV, Tess Alps. She's a brilliant lady who is very consistent in her argument that the modern world of communications is all about understanding the complementary roles of all media rather than trying to 'point score' on behalf of the sector she markets...unlike the IAB.

As we continue on our journey to becoming a hybrid, 'third way' agency that appreciates that, when it comes to the 'digital vs traditional' debate, it's not 'either or', it's 'both', Ms. Alps' views are the ones I'd most like us all to align with. Fuck me, that was a tortuous sentence. However, I think you'll find that it's syntactically correct.

I thank you.


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