Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Stolen Pizza all-staffer

Can the person that stole the pizza from the first floor fridge please order a replacement.

My colleague A***** has been hard at work since early this morning without a break and has now found that she is also without her lunch.

I'm sure that an apology would be appreciated, but first things first, lunch.

The poor girl is wasting away!


Oink oink oink. There's a fatso in the building. Lets kill all fatsos so this will never happen again.

R*** B***
B***** S*****
T*** H*******

Who else are fat in this place who would eat a whole pizza?


It could be someone in A******.

While I was caressing one of the toilet seats down there to get a last sniff of L***** B*********, I noticed some half digested pizza in the bowl.


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