Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Zoo magazine: cretins

This came from a girl named Claire Hodgson, Editorial Assistant at Zoo magazine, to our Managing Director. Bear in mind that he is the MD of a multi-multi-million dollar ad agency, one of the world's top five.


Hi ****,

Hope you’re having a good Friday! Our guys are all in until midnight tonight covering the England game and I wanted to see if there’s any chance we could get some McDonalds, or any beers or snacks delivered later?! Would absolutely make our night!

Bit cheeky I know, but it would really boost morale.




Bit cheeky? Bit fucking mental, more like. Who knows who she thought she was emailing. Did he respond? Don't know. But he did forward it to the entire agency...


This came to me out of the blue.

She's clearly found her natural IQ home at the esteemed organ that is Zoo magazine.

If anybody's got any cold Big Mac leftovers, please feel free to bike them over to the fragrant Claire...