Friday, 20 August 2010

Academic elitism

Hello all,

A couple of pleas for help in relation to the Graduate Foundation:

1. We will be visiting Oxford, Cambridge, Bristol and Manchester universities in October, and London schools early next year, doing talks on getting into advertising and publicising our grad foundation programme. Our plan is for teams of 3 to deliver these talks, and we'd love for at least one of these people to be an alumnus of the institution we are visiting. If you are interested in being one of the people we send along to speak to undergraduates, and have studied at one of the universities listed above, please get in touch. (If you went to a London uni, do let us know which one, as we haven't finalised our list of which ones we will visit yet.)

2. We have been asked to input into an article that the Guardian are writing about Oxford graduates. If you went to Oxford, please could you hit 'reply' and let me know which college you attended and what you studied?

Thank you kindly.



I attended a Bucksbridge College.

It got full University status in 2008 as well, so must be pretty good. Will we not be visiting there?


We won't be accepting anyone else from an institution that accepts Nectar Points over UCAS Points. Even if they get all the shapes in the right holes. Sorry.

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