Friday, 25 February 2011

Easter Party

Hi everybody,

My favourite day of the year is fast approaching - the Easter Party. This year - as in previous years - there will be dancing, singing, party games, animals, the Easter Bunny, chocolate and heavy metal* . What more could you and your children want?

The party is aimed at children aged 0-10 and will be held in the A****** during the afternoon of Tuesday 19th April.

I need to get an idea of numbers so if you would like to come along with your little ones, can you please email me asap and let me know their names and ages.

If anyone has any recommendations of children's entertainers, please do also get in touch.

Thank you

Clairey Poppins

*I might be lying about the heavy metal


My Uncle Alan is a Children's Entertainer. Let me know if you want his details - more info about his work on

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