Monday, 14 March 2011

All the gear, no idea

Hi Account Management and Planners,

Wonder if I can pick your collective brains. We're trying to find examples of where people are advised/required to use multiple products or items to get better results. You get bonus points if this is linked to a long term advantage, whether financial, living longer, or losing (girls)/gaining (boys) extra inches.

The obvious example for the ladies, and the more heteropolitan men amongst us would be Clinique's 3 Step. For the LADs, it'll be things like your shaving routine (no E*****, not your pubic topiary), or A****' patented Kahlua/Lager/Babycham drinking 'system'.

It would be great to get some non health and beauty related examples. Best response receives a copy of C**** J******'s self-help book, "From Second Class Degree, to First Class Travel."

Thank you very much.