Monday, 14 March 2011

All the gear, no idea

Hi Account Management and Planners,

Wonder if I can pick your collective brains. We're trying to find examples of where people are advised/required to use multiple products or items to get better results. You get bonus points if this is linked to a long term advantage, whether financial, living longer, or losing (girls)/gaining (boys) extra inches.

The obvious example for the ladies, and the more heteropolitan men amongst us would be Clinique's 3 Step. For the LADs, it'll be things like your shaving routine (no E*****, not your pubic topiary), or A****' patented Kahlua/Lager/Babycham drinking 'system'.

It would be great to get some non health and beauty related examples. Best response receives a copy of C**** J******'s self-help book, "From Second Class Degree, to First Class Travel."

Thank you very much.


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  1. Hi! I came across sales persons who carry a lot of brands and get back to us for results. I guess you can check it out online, or search from google. Once sales person emailed me at my hotmail account and voila! it is one of the best diapers in town for my kid.