Thursday, 9 June 2011

No bell-ends

I'm leaving the agency today...

Thanks for making my last six years so fun, productive and a great learning experience. I genuinely can't imagine that I would have been better off anywhere else. This is because of the people. There is a remarkably low concentration of bell-ends. *********** is like a long, thick, erect phallus that is ready to blow but without a bell-end. Of that we should all be proud.

Apologies if that gush was a little embarrassing. Clean the vomit off your desk, close your computer down and come to the pub...

As I said, I bloody love it but having started here almost six years ago as a graduate trainee, I am worried the love might be Stockholm Syndrome (to extend the metaphor that makes ***** a little like Josef Friztl).

Thanks again. It's been hugely enjoyable.


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